About Myra


It's all about the transformation!

Do you want to live in a serene, harmonious sanctuary?   Wow!  Just imagine what that could feel like;  each room organized and graced with your unique style.  

I do this for people all the time!  The process is transformational.  It opens hearts, minds and lets in the light.  

For me, it began at 9 years of age;  I entered and won a contest for the best decorated bicycle;  (I transformed it into a swan) and it's been second nature every since.  

I turn mess into functional and cozy space.  It will inspire you and don't be surprised if you shed a tear as you begin to let go of the burden that is your heavy "stuff".

Here's what my clients say:  "Myra has a knack for using what I had laying around; she transformed my home in less than a day with her focussed magic".

If you are planning to sell and want top dollar for your home OR if you are exhausted by the chaos of the clutter OR if you're downsizing Mom and/or Dad, call me  today!  514-267-7865